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Dubious Etymology

From some random Rosicrucian group's website:

Their legendary founder, Christian Rosenkreutz, that allegedly lived in the 13th century in Germany, until now seems to "escape" every serious historic research. As a matter of fact, this name is a hieronyme, a sacred name.
In hebrew, roz (rosah) means "secrets"; rosen signifies "prince", while koroz means "herald". So, this name alludes to Keraziel, the "Herald of God", the Angel of Proclamation in the jewish angelology.
(Of course, it's all so clear to me now.)

The name Rosenkreutz is German in appearence only; in fact, it is a name of ministry -- a transformation of the hebrew rosah koroz, which means "Herald of Secrets" or "Secret Herald". And this characterises perfectly the ministry or function of the Rose+Croix.


According to Henri Lobineau's Le Hieron du Val d’Or, one of the Priory of Sion's "Dossier's Secrets":

The men of prehistory had, to our knowledge, been inclined towards the constellations of the North, and to the Great Bear (Grand Ourse), the one named and illustrated by the ancients. However, the word “Aour” means light in Hebrew. The Great Bear is the great light, but what word is it in our language? The answer is rather unexpected and I give it without any reservations. Indeed, in Hebrew, as always, the name of the animal called “the Bear” is “CHR TZ”, where one discovers the word Christ.

So obviously, Jesus is a Bear, and furthermore "Rozenkreutz" means "Prince Bear", an obvious allusion to the Merovingian "lost prince" Ursus.

Esoterically, the Great Bear is linked to the Seven Rishis or Sage. According to Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine:

Seven sages or rishis; the seven great planetary spirits intimately connected with the constellation Ursa Major. Their names are commonly given as Marichi, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu, and Vasishtha.

"By the seven great Rishis, the seven great rupa hierarchies or classes of Dhyan Chohans, are meant. Let us bear in mind that the Saptarshi (the seven Rishis) are the regents of the seven stars of the Great Bear, therefore, of the same nature as the angels of the planets, or the seven great Planetary Spirits. They were all reborn, all men on earth in various Kalpas and races. Moreover, 'the four preceding Manus' are the four classes of the originally arupa gods -- the Kumaras, the Rudras, the Asuras, etc.: who are also said to have incarnated. They are not the Prajapatis, as the first are, but their informing principles -- same of which have incarnated in men, while others have made other men simply the vehicles of their reflections"

It is said by Krishna in the Bhagavat-gita, "The seven great Rishis, the four preceding Manus, partaking of my nature, were born from my mind: from them sprang (emanated or was born) the human race and the world."

So now Christian Rozenkreutz, Jesus and Ursus are all reincarnated Indian Sages - somehow spawned from Krishna's grey matter (as well as being Bears).
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