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The FOLLOWING is an EXCERPT from the Ninth Revised and Enlarged Edition of THE ROYAL HOUSE OF BRITAIN AN ENDURING DYNASTY, by Rev. W.M.H. Milner, M.A., F.R.G.S., A.V.I., Vicar of Buckminster-cum-Sewstern, Lincs., and Son of the Chaplain to H.R.H. the late Duke of Edinburgh, published in 1927 under the auspices of the BRITISH-ISRAEL-WORLD FEDERATION. Punctuation and italics are as in the original, and I have replaced Hebrew letters found in the original with a transcription in brackets.

Students of Scripture Prophecy mostly are agreed in finding some (if not many) incidents of past history portrayed beforehand in the chapters of St. John's Revelation. They will, some of them, tell you exactly where the Huns and the Vandals, the Saracens and the Turks, come in. One thing St. John saw in the earlier portion of his vision was "a White Horse; and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him; and he went forth conquering and to conquer." The traditions of our Scandinavian forefathers tell of a great conqueror, the hero king of Asgard- Odin. He was so heroic a king, and so great a conqueror, that the superstition or reverence of after ages made a god of him. His name in Hebrew- ['dn] Aud'n or Odn (for the broad A in the Hebrew carries often the sound of O), meaning Lord- human or Divine. One ancient genealogical table gives his name as Bodo (also Hebrew [bwdd], as in Buddha, signifying solitary eminence, an unique man), and it is quite likely that Odin was his title- Bodo the Odin- which would readily account for the W sound prefixing itself in the form Woden, as it would naturally come in between the vowel sound of the Hebrew definite article and the initial vowel of the name. He led our forefathers across Europe. Asgard has been variously located in Armenia or on the Dneipr.In either case, his victorious march traversed Russia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden. To him a crown was given by the great Overruler of all things, which he multiplied, crowning his sons kings of the countries he conquered, thereby securing his own position as the Royal Ancestor of all the dynasties of Europe. They converge, as by one consent, in the Royal House of Britain.
The Saxon kings of England bore as their badge the White Horse; the White Horse is cut in the turf of many a chalk escarpment. Stephen, the Norman, displayed on his shield a Centaur- human-headed, bodied as a horse, a white horse and its rider all in one, and this Centaur has a bow. The White Horse came in again later with the House of Hanover as marking their "Saxon" origin. Now Saxon, Norman, and Hanoverian were all from Odin. His period even can be accurately ascertained- from 250 to 300 AD. Without a single link wanting, we can trace both our King and our Queen back to five of his sons. He answers to the prophecy! his title and name bear Hebrew meanings; he has founded enduring royal lines.
In the Heralds' College MS. noted at p.22, above Frea, the wife of Odin, figures apparently as the daughter of Cadwallader son of King Lucius, himself descended from Anna. Should this mean that she- Frea- was a daughter of that house, it follows that, through their mother, all the lines of Odin come from David. It is a fact, recorded by several early church historians, that Lucius left his kingly throne in Britain and became the evangelist of Switzerland and Bavaria. Frea might well have been his daughter or granddaughter, settled in Central Europe, at the epoch of Odin's historic march into the West.
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